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Convenience & Cost Savings

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

For many, buying meat in bulk can be stressful and confusing but it is our goal to make it simple and painless. Below is a 1/2 hog packaged in a small dorm size freezer for size reference. It is our goal to describe the cuts available to you and how to make sure your pork is processed exactly how it will best serve your family.

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1/2 Hog Processed in Dorm Size Freezer

A standard cut for a half of pork will contain the following:

- 8 pounds of Bacon

- 4 pound Ham

- 5 pounds of Ham Steak

- 5 pound Pork Shoulder Roast (also called "boston butt")

- 4 pounds of Pork Steak

- 8 pounds of Pork Chop (boneless, butterfly, bone-in)

- 3 pounds Spare Ribs

- 2 pounds Baby Back Ribs

- 10 pounds of Sausage or Ground Pork

- 10 pounds of Brats or Italian Sausage

When buying all of these cuts separately your bill would total well over $350. When buying pork from our farm, you will pay $150 per half for the meat & approximately $150 to the processor for a total of $300. Not only does this save you money but it also ensures the meat is a quality that you can trust for your family. Our animals are raised without the use of confinement barns, antibiotics, and growth hormones. We are so excited to fill your freezer for the winter ahead!

If you are ready to purchase fill out the contact form and continue reading to learn more about your custom processing choices.

When filling out a cut sheet you will have the choices below:

1. Pork Loin - This can be sliced into boneless pork chops, butterfly pork chops or bone-in pork chops. When choosing boneless or butterfly pork chops you will also receive the pork tenderloin.

2. Shoulder Roast - This can be kept whole as a shoulder roast (8-9 pounds), sliced as pork shoulder steak, or both. When choosing both you will receive a 4-5 pound shoulder roast and 4-5 pounds of pork steak cut at your desired thickness.

3. Ham - The ham roast can be cured or left uncured. It can be sliced in half as two 5 pound hams, sliced into ham steaks, or one ham and 5 pounds of ham steak.

4. Bacon - Bacon can be cured or uncured, and sliced thin, thick or in-between.

5. With any cuts listed above that you do not want, the meat will simply be added to your ground pork. Typically you will get 20+ pounds of ground pork depending on how the rest of the pork is processed. Ground pork can be made into Pork Burgers, Sausage (bulk, links, patties), Brats, and Italian Sausage.

6. Additional cuts available are - hocks, jowls, spare & baby back ribs.

Fill out the contact form at the link below for more information or to receive a cut sheet for your order!

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